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Plum Valley School

Red Bluff, CA


Instructional Materials

Plum Valley Elementary held a Public Hearing on Septemeber 20, 2016, and determined that each school within the District has sufficient and good quality textbooks, instructional materials, or science lab equipment pursuant to the settlement of Williams vs. the State of California. All students, including English learners, are given their own individual standards-aligned textbooks or instructional materials, or both, in core subjects for use in the classroom and to take home. Textbooks and supplementary materials are adopted according to a cycle developed by the State Department of Education, making the textbooks used in the school the most current available. Materials approved for use by the State are reviewed by all teachers and a recommendation is made to the School Board by a selection committee composed of teachers and administrators. All recommended materials are available for parent examination at the district office prior to adoption. The table displays information about the quality, currency, and availability of the standards-aligned textbooks and other instructional materials used at the school.

Schoolwide Curriculum:

  • Language Arts: Benchmark Advance
  • Mathematics: California Math Expressions
  • Science and Social Studies is embedded in the language arts curriculum. There will also be enrichment units in science and social studies throughout the year.

Support Programs:

  • i-Ready (Math and Reading)
  • Accelerated Reader (AR)
  • Lexia
  • Sazon Phonics